Who Are We?

We are a community of creators (writers, artists, game designers, and more) who’ve all come together to defeat creative block for good.

There’s no membership fee or requirements to “join.” The only thing we want to see you do is create and be encouraged!

Resources: Our Manifesto | How to Get Unstuck | The Tools of Creation

Where to Find Us

We gather on Discord, post weekly pep talks, and share our work using the #CreateIt22 hashtag. No matter what’s going on in the world of social media, we will continue to put out encouraging content to help other creators find our way.

You can always find us here:

How do you do #CreateIt22?

We manage daily creation two ways:

  1. Choose to create one new thing every day. This means one sentence, one new line, one new note. You’re welcome (encouraged) to do more, but anybody can do one sentence a day, especially with tools available.. We make that one new thing no matter how we’re feeling.
  2. Choose to create it wrong. How many times have you stopped creating because you didn’t know the right way to go? The right scene? The right notes? The right colors? A key to daily creation is learning not to fear doing it wrong. Writing/drawing/creating garbage doesn’t mean failure. It only brings you closer to doing it right.

We’re currently on these social media platforms using the hashtag, #CreateIt22. Jump in wherever you’re comfortable.

You don’t need a membership.

You don’t need money.

All you need to do is choose to make something new, and allow it to be newborn and messy.

See you there.

Join us today!