How to Get Unstuck

Creation has inertia. When we’ve stopped making new things for whatever reason, it can be brutally hard to get moving again.

Hard – but not impossible. Here are some tools we use in the #CreateIt22 community.

  1. For all creators:
    1. Make sure you’re filling your well. You need to be taking in creative things – stories, music, art. Humans put out what we take in; if you want to make good art, you have to take in good art.
    2. Give yourself permission to create garbage. You make new things because you LOVE whatever it is you’re trying to create – that kind of story, that kind of song, that particular poetic meter. It’s okay that what you make won’t be that at first. Having a messed-up lump of clay means you can punch it down and reform it until it’s what you wanted the first time.
    3. Don’t struggle alone! ALL of us have been where you are. Come join our community in Discord, Twitter and Instagram. Let us help you get your creative mojo back.
  2. For writers:
    1. Character not talking to you? Interview them (loads of examples like this online to guide your interview), or put them in a new, weird place to get their reaction. A pissed-off character is still a reaction, and one you can use to get them communicating again.
    2. Don’t know what to write next? Then deliberately write the WRONG thing. When you do, you’ll find you have a much better idea what the next step is. Your cruel space emperor would never in a million years go to an ice cream shop in summer in Maine? Well, then that’s where you send him. His response will help you figure out where to go next.
    3. Writing prompts! The Write Practice has an AMAZING collection.
  3. For artists:
    1. Start with the basics. A flower. A face you’ve drawn a thousand times. Remind yourself why you love to draw that thing.
    2. Copy. No, it’s not theft as long as you aren’t selling it. Copy what you like, fall in love with the lines, and in the process, refine your own style a little.
    3. Switch up your style or your tools. Try something absolutely new, and accept that your first attempts will be terrible. Terrible is good – it’s better than nothing.

You are not alone. Take one step, and create ONE new thing today. You’ll be glad you did.

Don't know what to write? Write the WRONG thing. #CreateIt22 is about inertia, and that means creating every day. Even putting down the wrong thing WILL make you stronger as a creator. Click To Tweet